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Life of Muhammad

Life of Muhammad ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

A fascinating account of the life of the holy founder of Islam.

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The recent cartoonist attempting to depict the life of the Muslim Prophet it is clear that the view of this influential man is hugely skewed from the one held dear to Muslims all over the world. This outline (sketch) of one of the most influential men in the world, has had his life taken out of context or mis-intrepreted.  Read More

Some Selected Saying of the Holy Prophet of Islam

The following sayings and practises from the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessing of God be on him), may shed more light on the wisdom of an illiterate orphan who’s efforts united Arabia and whose influence still impacts today’s world – more than 1400yrs on.  Read More

In Their Words

Those that have truly studied the life of the founder of Islam – viewing his life from a non-Muslims perspective – have often written insightfully about his character and achievements. Here you can sample a few testimonials gathered over the years from respected scolars of their time. Read More

prophetThe Holy Prophet (pbuh)

This Brochure provides a brief introduction to The Holy Prophet, his mission, struggles, success , and some of his sayings. To read please click here.