Islam promotes respect at all levels. From the family level to inter-religious level and beyond, Islam considers respect to be a basic building block of society.Parents are advised to respect children and children to respect parents, husbands, wives, family members and neighbours are all advised to live with due respect for each other so that the relationship that developes between people is one that reflects ties of kinship.On neighbourliness it urges people to be kind to those that are near as well as far so in essence covers the whole world.Respect for the country is also paramount as is respect for different beliefs and faiths. On this the Quran says:…and there is also an incident of the Holy Prophet Muhummad where he stood up as a mark of respect for the funeral of a jew and also admonished a Muslim for stressing that the HP was superios to Moses as that would hurt the sentiments of the Jews. Even where people are abusing Islam it admionishes peace. In essence respect is a key plank of Islamic teachingsn and if followed helps to build harmonius socities.